By day I’m a simple time traveler, at night I slay zombies, except Thursdays, that’s my bowling night.

As a science fiction writer, I’ve written ten books and three are currently published, The Red Fire Fly, Eternal Patrol, and my venture into the zombie apocalypse, The Village of Dead Souls. You can check out the stories currently in production here: http://timepirate.wordpress.com/

I live in Colorado where I do just about every outdoor activity available in this state. But most of all I run. I run between 20 and 40 miles a week and I do it all barefoot. It’s during these runs I come up with all my story ideas.

I have also decided to take on the challenge of saving the world one beer at a time.

Why Crazy Talk? My wife’s Indian name is Crazy Talk which makes me Man Who Loves Crazy Talk.

Check out my other blogs and you will get a good idea of what makes me tick.


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