The Village of Dead Souls

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After being killed in a battle with Spartan soldiers, Prometheus, the ancient Athenian, finds his soul inside another man’s body, in a strange future world. Carrying a genetic cure for cancer, he must find a way to pass it along to the humans, who’s language sounds like moans and hisses. His new and growing family of undead, all souls from different eras of history, who carry cures for different human maladies, find themselves in a war against those they were sent to save.

Daniel Cronsworth, the scientist charged with finding a cure for the reanimation virus, has troubles of his own. With his wife dying of cancer and a second plague, the Omega virus, quickly reducing the human population, he is forced to work, in less than stellar conditions. Society has broken down into a primitive steam punk world void of modern technology and they are losing the war against the re-ans.

General Brown learns he is charge of terminating this uprising of the undead. His first priority is to carry, with him, a second flask of whiskey. Then, he organizes a special unit trained to fight the living-dead. He thinks a second flask of whiskey might not be enough.
Available at


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