Since Because

The incorrect use of the word "since" is a pet peeve of mine. This means it really only annoys me and no one wants to hear me complain about it. From the amount of faulty usage I see with this word, it does seem only I care about this. I see its misuse with published authors, bloggers, journalists and of course just about every email I receive. So here is your quick lesson.

It doesn’t matter if you use it as a conjunction, preposition or adverb, the word "since" is a reference to time.

Incorrect Usage:

Since I was the tallest, I took the books off the top shelf.

There is no reference to time here. It should read: Because I was the tallest…

Since I was in the bar, I had a drink.

It should read: Because I was in the bar…

Correct Usage:

Since I got my driver’s license, I have only driven red cars.

We have been breathing air since the beginning of time.

Since the divorce, they have not spoken to each other.


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